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Princes Road

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Princes Road

Princes Road was opened in 1846 as an important link between the City Centre and the newly constructed Princes Park. Land was subsequently acquired to widen the road to form the adjacent Avenue.

By the 1890s this two-thirds of a mile stretch of dual road developed into a monumental approach on a Parisian scale to the rich southern suburbs of the City, with tramlines from the City Centre terminating at Princes Park gates.

Stuccoed terraces were built first on the drier land at the northern end of the road, but by the turn of the century the road was lined with impressive terraces of red and yellow brick, including several fine examples of moulded bas-relief brickwork, punctuated by a number of good intricately detailed religious buildings.

The overall effect of this wide, well planted boulevard is a pleasant contrast to the surrounding tightly packed residential streets.

Princes Road Conservation Area was designated on 22 December 1971.

It is considered 'outstanding' in the national context bv the Historic Building Council.

map SynagogueThe Jewish Synagogue was designed in 1874 by W. & G. Audsley, with a massive entrance front combining both Moorish and Gothic features.
The Vicarage of St. Margarets was probably designed by the architect of the adjoining church (1868-9), G. E. Street. St. Margaret's Church, a severe brick and stone structure with a small wooden belfry and a richly painted interior, was paid for by the stockbroker, Robert Horsfall, whose family built a number of churches in Liverpool.

No. 5 Princes Road, Streatham Towers, is a Victorian Gothic mansion built in brick and stone, sporting a round staircase tower with a tall conical roof. buildings
Typical Late-Victorian houses lining the Boulevard.
The Boulevard Greek Orthodox Church

The Greek Orthodox Church is a large Byzantine style building of 1865-70, designed by Henry Sumners.
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