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Lark Lane

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Lark Lane

The Conservation Area contains buildings dating from the early nineteenth century to the present day, with a majority of development taking place between 1860 and 1910. Lark Lane is the oldest street in the area and probably dates from c.1800. There is a fascinating mixture of development, mainly housing and shops, the former built for most nineteenth century income groups, and the buildings reflect the rapid growth and wealth of Liverpool during this period.

eccentric house Hadassah Grove with its charming early Victorian villas, some of stone with classical details, dates from the early 1840s. Parkfield Road, named after 'Parkfield', the house and estate of Charles Tayleure, an eminent Liverpool merchant, was laid out with its associated streets and houses from 1858. The area north of Lark Lane contains large villas, some of great individuality, built for the wealthy, and the names of the roads taken from the novels of Walter Scott reflect the literary taste of the time. Lark Lane consists of solid Victorian commercial terraces, mainly of brick but sometimes of stucco, with individual buildings of inventive designs such as the Albert Public House and the Swiss chalet facade of the shop opposite Hesketh Street. The streets to the south of Lark Lane, off Aigburth Road, contain robust late Victorian and Edwardian red brick terraces typical of the period.

Above, an eccentric house in West Albert Road with flying buttresses, stepped gables from Scotland, and Gothic windows and towers.

Lark Lane Conservation Area was designated on 17 November 1976.

Eastfield Drive and, below right,
Ellesmere Avenue, typical 1900 terraced houses in hard red brick.
Lark Lane shops

The Albert, in Lark Lane, is an impressive public house with Gothic exterior.
Hadassah Grove is a private street of small classical villas dating from c. 1840, considerably earlier than most of the surrounding development.
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